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Woohoo! Happy New Year! It’s January and the New Year is here! As many of you know, the passage of the New Year is such a big deal to me! I’m not one to go out on the town, but I do celebrate! I like staying home, reflecting on the year I’ve just had, setting intentions for the upcoming New Year. I know, kind of a bore. But I love my traditions and I’d love to share a few with you (because its not too late for you to do them too)!

PenFirst, I write several letters before the year comes to an end. They are not letters I intend to share with anyone, but a way to journal and process and clear out any old emotional junk. I write forgiveness letters to anyone who has hurt me, or that I have hurt, ending with the most important letter – a forgiveness letter to myself. Then I write a letter to the ‘old year’ and begin with all the things that I didn’t like! I journal my way through the tough times, and then transition into nothing but gratitude. I discover the gifts that came with each hardship. I celebrate moments of grace.  I let go of as much resentment, disappointments, anger, frustration, and heartache as I can. Then, I put all the letters into the fire pit and say a prayer of Thanksgiving for 2013 as my letters go up in smoke. Its so symbolic to me… so many of the things I thought were so important in the moment, were really nothing more than that… a small moment in my big long life. Some years, there are big and tragic events that only time can heal, but other years, those hardships weren’t really hardships at all… it just seemed that way. Seeing it all go up in smoke is a metaphor and a reminder that all we really have is right now.

After my forgiveness letters are written and my letter to 2013 complete, and I’ve sent them up in smoke, I write a welcome letter to the New Year! I welcome it with open arms. I make requests and set intentions and then I add a promise for something the New Year can count on from me… something I’m willing to bring to the table 365 days in a row! It’s not a resolution, but more like a mindset. Once I finish that letter, I tuck it into my prayer box not to be read until next year on New Year’s Eve.

Mo clutterI like to create space for the New Year so de-cluttering as much as possible is also another preparation! This year, we have de-cluttered our attic, garage, and our refrigerators/freezers! I also de-cluttered my email inbox! WOWZERS! I had over 2400 emails, or so I thought. Turns out… those were just the ones I didn’t read! But I have it down to zero with everything deleted or stored in a file. That took an entire day but it feels wonderful! If you can de-clutter a drawer, a cabinet, a closet, anything… it will add to a positive space to the New Year! It only takes a few minutes/day to get a lot taken care of! Make a commitment to a little drawer or countertop each day in January. CheckboxesYou will be shocked at what happens as a result!

I also like to complete as many of those annoying tasks that have been lingering on my to-do list as I possibly can as we begin the New Year. So, I make all of our doctor’s appointments so they are on the 2014 calendar! We get our legal affairs in order, updating our wills and making sure everything is covered for me to take care of my mom. We review our finances and put together a financial plan for 2014. Oh, how this has changed our lives! And if I can’t get to all of them, I make a master list Vision Boardsand put it on my calendar in January with a mission to complete them. Phone calls, follow-up, things I think of a 3:00 in the morning… whatever those little things are that you never get to but need to get to… take care of them! It gives you room to breathe better!

And then, I move into the fun part! On New Year’s Day (or you can do this anytime in the month of January), I make a vision board (or two)! I like to make BIG vision boards!  It’s an awesome way to recycle old magazines as you de-clutter your living room and any office waiting areas. Don’t over-analyze what you put on your board… notice your body – if you lean into a photograph, painting, word, article… tear it out and put it on your board! Often, our heart and soul knows what we want before our minds can even comprehend it! Let yourself dream! Let yourself imagine great possibilities! Don’t try to figure out HOW, just allow it to find a home on your 2014 dream/vision boards. I promise, it is an amazing and fun way to begin the year! If you don’t have time this year, come to my Simply Be Unstoppable Women’s Retreat at the end of January – we’ll make one there!

As you move into the New Year, here are few tips you can follow
… it will help you make your year THE BEST YEAR EVER!

  1. AWARENESS: GET CLEAR ABOUT WHAT YOU WANT. Discover a dream or passion and go for it in 2014! Say these phrases out loud: “This IS my time!” and “This is my NOW” (one of my favorite songs)!
  2. ELIMINATE the negative beliefs that block abundance from flowing to you. We often think it is outside forces and circumstances that prevent us from having what we want. The truth is, more often than not, it is our own beliefs and emotional blocks that prevent us from having everything we want!
  3. ALIGN with your intentions. Look for ways you may be sabotaging or resisting what it is you ask for. Nudge those distractions out of the way and stand front and center with what you want! Align with your intentions and I promise, you will move toward them with grace and ease.
  4. ASK for what it is you want from a place of pure intention. When we complain and make excuses, we are not focused on what we want – we are complaining about what we don’t want! Focus on exactly what you want in 2014 and make sure you really want it! I like to include ‘….with grace and ease’ at the end of my asking!
  5. ALLOW. Once you align with your intention and that intention is created to serve your highest good, allow it to unfold. Trust that everything that shows up is there to serve your highest good and has purpose to it. Try not to control and manipulate it into existence! Notice how much you try to control things in order to get what you want. I don’t know about you, but that doesn’t work too well for me!
  6. ACCEPT. Sometimes it becomes challenging to accept our results because we have so many opinions and judgments about receiving, letting go, being in control vs. surrendering. When you accept what shows up as a gift just for you, no matter what it looks like, you grow and deepen… you align, ask, allow and accept all that life has to offer with grace.

Happy New Year, my friend. My hope for you in 2014 is this:

May you know your purpose and share your soul’s light.

May it carry you through joy and into dark nights.

May you discover who you are and find the courage to share

And be surrounded by souls who support you with care.

May the message you carry reach all who need blessed.

May you dream big dreams with an abundance of success.

Author unknown

I look forward to having you be part of my journey, and I yours…

Many warm Blessings,