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I recently discovered a treacherous pattern of indecision going on in my life!  This quote just sealed the deal for me.  When I stopped to ask what is true, and I was willing to face that truth… the decision became crystal clear.

Before discovering the huge energy drain of living with indecision, I went through a process of self-discovery.  What I noticed first was that for me, making a decision felt like making a long-term commitment (even if the decision itself was small). And I noticed just how much I didn’t like to make mistakes.  I had a lot of fear around that.

So I weighed the outcome of each decision, analyzed the pros and cons, and just about wore myself out before I could give my final answer.

Once I became aware of this pattern, I began to notice how often it shows up each day.  WoW!  It was everywhere.  What to wear… what to eat… what to write about… each decision required a lot of energy and thought!  And those were just the tiny ones!  The big ones?  Well they’d take days, weeks and even months!  That is a ton of wasted energy, isn’t it?

I also noticed the indecision cycle itself.  The longer I spent making a decision, the more time and energy I had invested in it.  And because I invested so much time and energy, I wanted it to be the right decision. And I sure didn’t want to have to make it again just because I didn’t like the outcome.  So I had to be sure that once that decision was made, I would be wedded to it forever!  Of course, that led to complete paralysis and zero results.

I was putting enormous pressure on myself to do it right, be perfect, and stay committed to that decision because who would want to go through that process over and over again?  What a setup for failure, right?  Yet I did it many times/day!

Another tip that helped me break the cycle of indecision was to say out loud: “This is my decision for now… it doesn’t have to be forever. I can change it if I want to.”   That mantra helped me built trust in my ability to make quick decisions and not lose my power if those decisions didn’t work out the way I wanted them to.

Making a decision was connected to my need for perfection, and it paralyzed my creativity and results.

Notice how long it takes for you to make a decision.  PRACTICE!  I began giving myself a time limit or a deadline proportionate to the magnitude of the decision that I was making.  I rewarded myself for taking swift and decisive action.  I immediately noticed that I trusted myself more and my confidence increased as I moved through my day.  I learned to face my truth, listen to my heart, and trust my intuition.

What decisions are you struggling with?  What don’t you want to face?

Ask yourself , “What is true?  What do I want? What is truly best for my heart and soul?”

Journal for as many pages as you need to, and you’ll find your truth!  Pay attention to your fear and limiting beliefs.  What a gold mine for personal growth!

So, now its your turn:  What is one decision have you been avoiding?  What if I asked you to make it right in this moment? What would you do?   What’s stopping you from committing to that decision right now?   Face what’s in your soul… listen to your heart… choose from your truth.