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The Compelling Power of Intention

January 14-15 2023

This workshop is one of the most popular offerings of the year! It isn’t just setting goals. It isn’t about committing to New Year’s Resolutions… we all know what happens to those. This workshop is about harnessing the mysterious power of mindfulness and intention!

We will spend two days removing the roadblocks that stand between you and what you want in life. These roadblocks grab your attention and direct it away from what you want. They almost always point you towards something else that serves as a huge distraction. During this workshop, we gain clarity about what it is we really want. It isn’t about doing a lot of what we think we need to do. It’s about mindfully creating the life we want to live. We look at the amazing gift of a new year and ask ourselves, “What do I want to create this year?”  Then we look deeply into that desire, make sure it is in alignment with our values, determine what roadblocks are in front of us, and then re-prioritize our time and focus. It is so powerful and exciting when we feel that mindful alignment! 

Attention follows Intention. Energy flows where attention goes!

Let’s say that you decide you want to go on a road trip across the country to a place you have never been before. What’s the first thing you do? You most likely program your GPS to that destination, right?  Setting intentions is like programming our internal GPS to a desired outcome. If we get distracted and make a wrong turn, our GPS will correct our course for us. You might take detours. You might decide to go off track for a while in order to visit a different site. But unless you change your intention, your GPS will constantly tell you how to get back on course. Have you ever stopped to set clear intentions in life? If not, you want to come find out what the excitement is all about! 

I’m often asked about the difference between goals and intentions. Goals, in the GPS scenario, would be to get from where you are to the next stop in a certain amount of time. Goals help us be efficient and focused. Goals might include driving a certain number of miles each day. Or stopping to take a quick walk every 2 hours. Or to listen to an audio book while you drive. Intention is a broader scope and clear definition of where you are going to end up. 

​During this workshop, you not only get clear about what you want, but you will be clear about why that desire is important to you! It isn’t about getting the house painted this year, it’s about taking care of your sacred space and how you feel when you look at your house. It isn’t about making more money; it’s about how good it feels to create security and freedom. We want to know that our intentions align to our values and what matters most to us. Once you are clear and set your intention, your attention and energy will follow. Like magic! 

So even if you don’t revisit your intentions again until next year, you will see better results than just living like a feather in the wind!  You have this mysterious, secret power that for most, sadly, goes untapped. So no, it isn’t about just setting goals for the year. This is about mindfulness. This is about alignment. This is about clarifying your focus so that you are moving in the direction of your dreams and desires! This is about harnessing the compelling power of intention. 

Ready to register? We are going to set your GPS in 6 life domains:


  • Relationships
  • Finances
  • Health and Well Being
  • Spirituality and Sacred Space
  • Travel and Adventures
  • Personal Growth and Development

Wow! Right? I mean just think of what could be possible if you intentionally create what you want in each of those categories! Which category do you struggle with most? Which one triggers you? Which one inspires you? They are all so important and they work closely together IF you do the clearing process and drill down to find your most compelling intentions. 

I cannot imagine beginning my year without setting clear intentions. It’s one of several New Year’s rituals I do each every year (I share more of them with you at the workshop)! 

So, give yourself the gift of this workshop!  Set your sights on making 2023 your best year ever! You really will see amazing (and sometimes surprising) results!  It is one of the best investments ever, because it’s all about your BIG BOLD FUTURE!

“When we do not act on our intentions, we have unconsciously given our attention to the distractions.”

Saturday January 14 

9:00 am to 6:00 pm


Sunday, January 15

9:00 am to 6:00 pm


A fantastic gift to give or get over the holidays! 

Note: Cancellation Policy: Due to the amount of preparation and personalization that we offer at our retreats, we regret that we cannot refund your retreat fee if you cancel within two weeks of the retreat. Thank you for understanding this policy and respecting the quality of the experience we create for you!