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If you could step into this photograph… what would you be doing?  Where would you be?  Would you be indoors by a fire, gazing at the sunrise through your window?  Would you have on your snow boots, taking a walk by yourself?  Would you be hand-in-hand with someone you love sharing a quiet morning walk?   Would you build a snowman? Make snow angels? Just stand in awe of nature and all its wonders?

Or would you think about all the work the snowfall has caused and get busy plowing a path to your car?  Would you sleep right through it?  Or would you even stop in the midst of your busy morning to notice the breathtaking beauty right in front of you?

I admit it, I’m over the top when it comes to witnessing a sunrise.  There’s just something about it that wakes up my soul.  I feel my whole being filling up with Love, Light and Gratitude.  When this photograph was shared with me, I felt it without having to go outside (and without having to get up early!)  And then I realized how long it had been since I’ve had a date with a sunrise!  And I was reminded that the smallest of moments could yield enormous benefits if we just take the time to stop and let them in!

Practice this little exercise:  Stop what you’re doing (right now, if possible) and walk outside.  If you’re in the middle of a polluted and busy city – wait until you are home or near a park!  And if it’s still winter where you are… leave your shoes on, but imagine your feet touching the earth.   If not, take your shoes off and step outside.  Breathe in the fresh air.  Be still. Listen.  Calm your mind.  Let the sunlight rest on your face.  Feel your bare feet on the ground.  Three deep breaths… slowly.

That’s it!  That’s all it takes!  You’ll be amazed at what five minutes of fresh air and sunshine can do for you – mind, body and soul.

I’ll share if you will!  The top three most powerful sunrises I’ve witnessed so far in my life… I’d have to say:

  • Easter sunrise service on the top of the mountain… at Stone Mountain State Park in Georgia.
  • Sunrise, January 1, 2000…. eager to welcome the first sunrise, and the Light of a new millennium – complete with a Champaign toast!
  • The sun rising up over the Andes Mountains while standing in the ancient ruins of Machu Picchu, in Peru.

How about you? Where have you been when you witnessed an amazing sunrise?  If you can’t answer that question… go embrace a sunrise soon – allow yourself to be still and present, let it fill your soul with Light!   Oh, and did I mention that sharing a sunrise makes your morning coffee taste ten times better?  I’m telling ya, it’s true… and rather amazing!