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More often than not, we are being challenged by things beyond our control. Just in the past 3 years we’ve come through a pandemic. We’re still experiencing COVID. We have more violence and crime happening in our communities. We have political battlefields dividing and straining relationships with friends and family. We have strained or broken relationships with friends and family. We have been isolated and disconnected from each other and sometimes, even from ourselves.

The result?  Tempers flaring.  Tensions on the rise. People seem to be more agitated and edgy. There are so many energetic assaults going on around us each day that our traditional methods of self-care are not enough.

We all need more love, unity, connection, hope, and high frequency energy to balance it all out! That’s where we can make the difference.

During COVID lockdowns, I began listing all the ways I could take care of myself during such a world-wide crisis. I was surprised to see how many tools and practices I had acquired and incorporated into my life over the past fifteen years.  They brought so much peace and joy to my life during what had been a very challenging time. 

I found it easier to set and maintain appropriate boundaries.

I found time to practice meditation and rituals that I often didn’t have room for in my busy day.

I discovered the value of staying true to myself, even during difficult and challenging relationships.

I discovered methods for self-care that made solitude a very healthy aspect of my day to day living.

Over the years these tools have gotten me through many dark valleys. 

They kept me from sinking into depression when life caved in around me. 

They kept me from developing health issues that could have plagued me for years.  

They kept me from falling prey to adrenal fatigue. 

They kept me from giving up on myself.

They kept me from giving up on others.

They have helped me learn to forgive quickly and heal slowly but surely.

They have allowed me to heal… to transform… and to grow. 

Beginning on March 4th, 2023, I will be kicking off a brand-new offering: 

A 1-year Wholistic Energy Healing Course 

I will teach you SO MUCH of what I have learned over the past decade or more!

What all will we cover, you ask?

  • We will dive deep into each of the seven major Chakras
  • We will learn to open and balance each chakra
  • We will discuss Energy and Frequencies and how they are measured, specifically the energy of emotion
  • We will learn about all the different energy fields we have and what it takes to maintain them
  • We will learn all about the “clairs” (aka intuitive gifts that we already have) and how to further develop them
  • We will learn about crystals and specifically which ones to always have on hand and why
  • We will learn to harness the power of universal energy through crystals grids and sacred geometry
  • We will learn the basics about meridians and how they influence our health
  • We will learn about the other realms… building open communication with angels, archangels, and guides
  • We will discuss (and experience) rituals that tap into the cosmic energy of the universe
  • We will learn and experience how to use essential oils for healing/cleansing practices and energy boosts
  • We will learn how to create and clear sacred spaces
  • We will learn the basics of Sound Healing practices
  • We will participate in some basic Shamanic Practices for healing with Mother Earth
  • We will embark on a healing journey with each other that will support you in so many beautiful ways!

So what do you think?  Is this for you?

I believe it is….

If you feel a magnetic pull to learn more about energy – yours, mine, and others.

If you love all of this energy stuff but fail to incorporate it into your day-to-day life.

If you feel stuck, or you are going through a difficult life transition.

If you are ready to take a leap and create life-changing results in your quality of life, your health, and your relationships.

Or if you just feel called to be part of this amazing group of women who are taking responsibility for their lives and improving the quality of life for themselves and those around them…


What happens when you listen to that still small voice nudging you to follow your heart?


  • Light up!
  • Attract more opportunities!
  • Expand your impact on the world around you!
  • Experience more miracles!
  • Create magic!
  • Get recharged and energized again!
  • Experience fulfillment in all areas of life!


Four in-person training days (in Raleigh)
Seven Live Monthly Training Calls
Seven Live Monthly Q&A and Discussion Calls
Energy Healing Start-Up Kit
Monthly Training Materials
Seven Chakra Kits
Energy Buddies
Access to use of the BioMat and BioWell
And a FABULOUS 3-day retreat upon completion!

That’s over 100 hours of training, a graduation retreat… and a so much more!


You will be part of a Sacred Tribe of Women that embody deep, soul-level connections, body and mind awareness, divine guidance, and powerful healing tools! 

It just doesn’t get any better than that!

And… as if that wasn’t enough…. there’s more!


You will have FREE access to all FOUR one-day workshops that are offered in 2023. 

Money Breakthrough and Money Personality workshop

Presented by me!

Best 3 Months – Getting Your Life and House in Order

Presented by me with guest speakers!

Communication and Personality Workshop 

I’m presenting… and this is my personal favorite workshop – don’t miss it!

Holey Holes and the Journey Into Inner Child Trauma and Healing

Presented by me, and my favorite guy, Psychologist Bob Aiello!

That is an added value of $600.00!

If this doesn’t sound exciting and like a perfect match for where you are right now, then either this isn’t for you, or the timing is not right. Listen to your guidance.

If this makes you sit up tall and you can feel the energy and excitement of it pumping through your energy field, then don’t hesitate!

If you are already a YES and you want to get registered… great!

This course is limited to no more than 8 people! 

 Registration Details:

Year One Holistic Energy Healing Course Tuition: $3600.00 plus $125 registration fee.
Pay $125 now, then $3600 on March 1. 

Pay in Full Option:

$3725.00 (Great Value!)


Payment Plan: 

$125 registration due now, then $315.00/month for 12 months (beginning today with $125 then with 12 monthly payments due beginning March 1)


*Completion of this course is a pre-requisite to the second year Certification Course. Details coming soon.