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Jenny’s Workshops – A Year at a Glance

Intention Workshop

Just completed.  Stay tuned for a new date in 2024!

This is a unique approach to grounding yourself in clear and focused intentions as you enter the New Year!  Different from goal setting, or New Year’s Resolutions that we know never stick, this workshop provides a deep look into what roadblocks you will encounter, what support you need, and what type of self-sabotage might show up preventing you from making progress!  We cover 7 domains to help you create and maintain a healthy, well-balanced life experience! You will also receive support throughout the year to revisit these intentions and correct course along the way.

February          *NEW! Money Breakthrough Workshop  

This is open to individuals and couples, and we dive deep into our money blocks and beliefs. This is a one-day workshop in a series of 4 workshops offered throughout 2023! (You’re going to want to come to all of them! And bring your people!). This is a fun and upbeat workshop, and it is deeply impactful!  We will re-visit the Sacred Money Archetypes but also deep dive into our money beliefs and strengths… and we will take a closer look at your money personality!  It is great for couples who can’t talk about money habits and money challenges!  How you do money… is how you do everything! Do you avoid difficult conversations? Do you hide your bad habits from others? Do you come from abundance or scarcity? Do you have a hands-off or hands-on approach to budgeting? Come join us for a lively and interesting workshop that promises to get your money blocks identified, as well as your money personality working for you!

Saturday, February 18 9:00 am to 4:00 pm (break for lunch)   $150/person or $225/couple

May 2023:   *NEW!  Best 3 Months Workshop

Perhaps one of the most important workshops I offer, this one is bittersweet.  The premise is this: If you knew you only had 3 months to live, what would you be doing that you aren’t doing right now? We answer questions in 5 domains that leave you with a sense of peace and serenity knowing your house is in order. Even those who think they have it all covered, discover so many areas of life that have been unattended… recognizing the devastation that could be left behind if not handled. Legal forms. Health forms. Personal requests. Personal preferences. It may not matter to you, not exploring some of these domains could mean you will be leaving your loved ones scrambling and worried because they don’t have the answers they need to make important decisions. While this is a powerful workshop for you, it is also something very helpful if you are taking care of elderly parents.  You won’t regret getting things handled. It is one of the greatest gifts you will give those you leave behind.

Saturday, May 13th –  9:00 am to 4:00 pm (break for lunch)

$150/person or $225/couple

August 2023: *NEW!  Personality Workshop with Communication Training

This workshop is FUN!!! And it is such a powerful way to understand why you have trouble communicating with certain personalities and get triggered by others.  This workshop has won the respect of CEO’s, entrepreneurs, couples, leaders, sales teams and stay-at-home moms who manage busy households! 

One CEO said, “Of all the workshops and trainings I have participated in, this training is hands down the most impactful, life-changing, and applicable training I’ve ever experienced.  So much so, I’ve attended it twice and learned more the second time around.” 

This is fun and interactive and packs a punch with its “Ah-ha’s” and “Oh! Wow’s!”  Bring your team! Bring your partner. Bring your in-laws! Heck! Bring your trigger-people! You’ll learn how to be dynamic, effective, and powerful in your communications going forward! 

*This is hands down, MY personal favorite training! Don’t miss it!

Saturday, August 26   9:00 am to 4:00 pm (break for lunch)

$150/person or $225/couple

November 2023: Holey Holes

This one-day workshop is so powerful! You will learn the basic understanding of our triggers and traumas and how to work through them. It helps you understand the inner child and wounded child and how the clever adaptive (wise) child powers his/her way to adulthood. We learn how we might resist healing the wounds we so fiercely protect. I LOVE this workshop… it is such a good way to revisit our healing journey and discover more ways to heal, transform, and grow. And how perfect at the end of the year to map out the areas of growth you want to focus on moving forward.  This topic is heavy, but we make it lighthearted! Bring everyone you know to this workshop – it will reduce the drama around you at least by 50%. 

Saturday, November 4th 9:00 am to 4:00 pm (break for lunch)

$150/person or $225/couple